The Purge Day 2 – The Dreaded Linen Closet

Still keeping up with the purge and organization for the new year. Today, I tackled the linen closet, which I don’t think I have properly organized in a few years. In fact, I think the last time I organized sheets was when I learned how to fold sheets like this from Pinterest.

This was the closet before I started:



So, I took everything out, vacuumed the floor and all of the shelves, and then put everything back together. As the kids have gotten older, they have all moved from twin to double beds, so I was able to get rid of all of the twin sized sheets and mattress pads. Clooney took some interest in what I was doing, and he helped by cleaning out all of the humidifiers, all the way down to scrubbing away and scale that was to be found deep inside them. In the end, the closet looked like this:


and got rid of all this!


Plus, I found a time capsule of Edison’s early school days that yielded these gems:



So, while it was a bit of work, it did yield some smiles. Thanks for stopping by.


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